First Beta

Wednesday, Mar, 2019 By Steven vanZyl.

Introducing Tornado beta version 0.1.0!

This is the first official beta release of the Tornado BitTorrent client, and the first public release in general. You can view us on GitLab here.

Tornado is a modern web-first BitTorrent client designed with usability in mind. Based on the fantastic Transmission BitTorrent Client Tornado is fast and lightweight.

We would like to thank the larger Rust and VueJS communities for creating some truly awesome tools for developers which …

Docker Images and Pre-Beta 0.1.0

Tuesday, Mar, 2019 By Steven vanZyl.

Docker Images

We now have official Docker images for Tornado built directly from the master branch. These images will be updated continually. For now there is only the dev tag which is built on a rolling basis and WILL be broken. But will also be the most up to date.

You can run Tornado right now with

docker run -p 21031:21031


And with the creation of the Docker images we have closed all of the (intial) issues …

Hello World!

Thursday, Feb, 2019 By Steven vanZyl.

Welcome to Tornado’s new website! If you’re new to Tornado check out the About Page for some info on the project. We plan on keeping you updated via this blog and documenting our progress here so stay tuned for further updates.

As of now Tornado is in what I would describe as a pre-alpha state. While development is progressing rapidly we are not yet at a state that I would call “usable”. However as of now you can do a variety of things such as torrent …