Docker Images and Pre-Beta 0.1.0

Easy to deploy Docker images and we're approaching Beta 0.1.0

Docker Images

We now have official Docker images for Tornado built directly from the master branch. These images will be updated continually. For now there is only the dev tag which is built on a rolling basis and WILL be broken. But will also be the most up to date.

You can run Tornado right now with

docker run -p 21031:21031


And with the creation of the Docker images we have closed all of the (intial) issues in the milestone for the first beta release!

But not so fast! Before that we are sneaking in one more issue. Before we release the first beta we are going to take the time to review and fix both any UI bugs that exist, and to evaluate our UX design.

One of the core reasons we are building Tornado is to provide an easier to use and more accessible than the existing clients. So we are trying to polish off the base of our UX design before we continue so that we are building off of a good starting point.

I have reached out to some external specialists in HCI for feedback for our UI/UX. So far their feedback has been positive, but we are still early in the review process.

Additionally we want to try and integrate this review process as a continual part of our development cycle. Whether or not we can achieve that only time will tell.

Anyway stay tuned! Hopefully Tornado Beta 0.1.0 will be released in the next few weeks.